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Letters of note és una pàgina molt interessant que publica cartes de personatges famosos situant-les en el context de l'autor i de l'època. Com diuen ells mateixos "correspondence deserving of wider audience"

you must know again my reluctance to marry

On the morning of their wedding on February 7th, 1931, Amelia Earhart wrote the following letter and saw that it was hand delivered to her publicist and fiancé, George Putnam; a determined man who had recently received a "yes" following his sixth marriage proposal to the world-famous aviator. Clearly, giving that answer had been incredibly difficult for Earhart. As a result of her continued apprehension she chose at the last minute to formally clarify a few points on paper and essentially announce the beginning of a year-long trial marriage, during which time they needn't be faithful.

Putman agreed.
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